Monthly Archives: September 2015

Sept 27 Robot Coach’s Blog

I am looking for about a dozen adult volunteers for our Veteran’s Day robotics tournament. At the event, we will be hosting both a VEX Scrimmage and a FIRST LEGO League Scrimmage.  We need adults to serve as refs, judges, queuing, concessions, and crowd control.  Keep in mind, if you also plan to help out […]

Sept 16 Physics Teacher’s Blog

We have finished the first couple weeks of physics class at BUA. During the first two weeks we studied statics, inertia, and weight.  Towards the end the students struggled through an introduction to vectors and trigonometry.  We will revisit vectors when we get to dynamics in two weeks.  You can view a lot of cool […]

Robot Coach’s Blog Sept 12

FRC back to BU! I am very excited for the upcoming season.   This year, FIRST Robotics is returning to the BU campus.  There will be an FRC district event at BU April 2-3. Tuesday afternoon cleanup (Sept 15): the upperclassmen will be finishing to prepare the lab for the upcoming season.  We have a lot […]

Robot Coach’s Blog Sept 3

It has been an exciting week as we welcome the new freshmen to campus.  Of course, several of them have already been working in the lab on VEX robots over the summer. Most likely, the regular lab meeting times this semester for robotics will be Tuesday and Friday afternoons (from 3PM to 5PM) and on […]