Monthly Archives: January 2012

Math Circle Week 2

Today we continued to explore the game of HEX.  We looked at some larger boards.  Some of the interesting heuristics the students noted were starting with the center square.  Many of the students tried to make straight runs down the sides of the boards and have a race as opposed to working along the diagonals.  […]

Math Circle Session 1

For the next few weeks we will be exploring Game Theory.   What is Game Theory?  I have been reading a book by Rick Gilman, Models of Conflict and Cooperation. You can read the first several pages on Google Books.   According to Gilman, Game Theory is the study of the mathematics of decision making.  And since […]

Melrose Math Circle

For a number of years I did teach math formally.  In Philly, I taught Algebra II and Calculus at Germantown Friends.  At BUA I have taught Calculus and Multivariable Calculus for a number of years, but have not since the esteemed Srdjan Divac joined our faculty. Last weekend many BUA alum came back to judge […]