Monthly Archives: June 2015

Robotics Update June 25

Coach’s Blog June 25 Communications: If five days, the BUA Intranet, FIRST Class will go offline, so make sure you have migrated to your BU G-mail account.  We now have new google groups for the students and mentors.  One for parents coming soon.  There is a GoogleCalendar with all robotics events now, and you should […]

Robotics Update June 21

Beantown Blitz:Yesterday we performed well at the Beantown Blitz. We were ranked #8 going into alliance selection with our new rookie driver Nimish at the joysticks.  We were on the 6th seed alliance with 5122 and 5563.  And we won the Excellence in Engineering Award. Our first meeting for VEX will be on Sunday, June […]

Robotics Team Updates June 18

June 18th, 2015 Coach’s Blog: Team BBQ: Last Saturday we had the team BBQ at the Nell White’s parents house. Many thanks for hosting us for our end of year celebrations! Beantown Blitz:The big news this week is that we are preparing for our first post-season FIRST Robotics event, the Beantown Blitz. The event is […]