HW Momentum

Momentum 1

Over the weekend: All houses do for Tuesday 10/22 Class:

Learn about Momentum and the Force-Impulse Relationship

  • Read Textbook pp 84-88 & Workbook pp 51-3 OR
  • Read Blog http://blogs.bu.edu/ggarber/bua-physics/momentum/

Workbook: Chapter 4 p 53  Exercises 1-3
Do InterLACE HW on Momentum

Momentum 2

Ravenclaw and Slytherin do for Wednesday 10/23 Class:
Hufflepuff do for Thursday 10/24 Class:

Learn about Conservation of Momentum and Newton’s 3rd Law

  • Read Textbook pp 89-91 OR
  • Watch Video http://youtu.be/unBhqd6oP7w

Web Assign: Momentum-Impulse Relationship
Workbook: Chapter 4 p 54  Exercises 4-6

Momentum 3

Ravenclaw  Do for Thursday 10/24 Class:
Hufflepuff & Slytherin do for Monday 10/28 Class:

Learn about Collisions, Elastic, Inelastic

  • Read Textbook pp 91-93 & Workbook pp 55-57 OR
  • Watch Video http://youtu.be/cRg2bUXuv_s   OR
  • Blog entry on Collision http://blogs.bu.edu/ggarber/bua-physics/collisions-and-conservation-of-momentum/

Workbook: Chapter 4 p 58  Exercises 7-11
InterLACE HW: Collisions CANCELLED
Web Assign: Conservation of Momentum


For Friday: Study for test on Newton’s Laws of Motion, Vectors, and Momentum

Momentum 4

All Houses Do for Tuesday 10/29 Class:

Learn about 2D Collisions and Vis Viva

  • Read Textbook pp 94-95, 101 OR
  • Watch Video on Vis Viva http://youtu.be/gaGHdph_DZg   AND   Collisions http://youtu.be/D5vzOmoNRIg

Workbook: Chapter 4 p 59  Exercises 12-14
InterLACE HW: 2D Collisions
Web Assign: 2D Collisions and Vis Viva

Momentum 5 (NEW)

Ravenclaw and Slytherin do for Wednesday 10/30 Class:
Hufflepuff do for Thursday 10/31 Class:

To do this InterLACE assignment you should look over the next lab report guidelines

InterLACE HW:  Planning of Lab Report Concepts