Monthly Archives: February 2012

Robotics and Engineering This Summer at BU for Grades 6-9

Hello Everyone, U-Design registration has begun!  Boston University’s College of Engineering has seats available in its annual summer science and engineering program for Middle School students currently in grades 6-9.  Creative thinking and critical problem solving are skills that American students need to develop to be competitive.  For the past nine years, Boston University’s College […]

Math Circle on Feb 15

On a related note, I found out today that the Tufts Department of Mathematics is starting a Math Circle. I will have to check it out! But in Melrose, we finished today’s session of Math Circle playing the Keypad Game, which I first read about on page 1 in Gilman’s Book.  As the earlier games […]

Math Circle on Wed Feb 8

Today we played a new game called the Game of Nim. We started out by playing a one stack version of the game.  In Nim, you have a stack of chips and can take 1, 2 or 3 chips away from the stack.  The player who ends the game with a chip loses. I had […]

Reduced Gravity Pendulum talk at Lowell Regional Physics Alliance

Last week I talked about the Reduced Gravity Pendulum at the Lowell Regional Physics Alliance. The LRPA is a great group of Physics Teachers from the greater Lowell area who gather once a month.  There is always a great keynote speaker, some cool demonstrations, and a few prizes.  The talks are organized by the legendary […]