HW on Angular Motion

In the remaining week of the semester we will cover torque, angular momentum, projectiles, and satellite motion.

Optional readings can be found in the textbook: Chapters 8-10.  In particular some suggested readings:  Rotational Inertia (126-8), Torque (128-130), Center of Mass (130-135), Angular Momentum (140-142), Gravitational Fields (160-162), Projectiles (172-177) Satellites  (177-182), Energy in Gravitational Fields (185-187)

Those of you who did a rough draft of the lab report should do a peer review of the lab report. The reviews should be complete by Tuesday evening. Those who are doing a peer review will receive specific instructions.

The full draft of the lab report is due Monday night at 10PM on December 9th.

Exam Office Hours 11:30 to 2:30 Monday Dec 16th:

Final exam on Tuesday Dec 17th 8:30 AM

For daily homework this week: We will be doing for homework workbook problems from Chapters 2, 6, and 7.

Do After Class 1:Torque Workbook Ch 6 p 89  ex 13-17
Do After Class 2:Rotational Inertia  & Angular Momentum  Workbook Ch 6  p 93 Ex 18-23 and A13
Do After Class 3:Projectiles Workbook Ch 2 p 24 Ex 10-16
Do After Class 4: Lab Report
Do After Class 5:Satellite Motion  Workbook Chapter 7 p 98 Ex 2-4 & 10-14

Hufflepuff and Slytherin have Class 1 on Monday Dec 2, and Ravenclaw on Tuesday Dec 3