Homework for 1st Q



GRADES CLOSE ON October 21 at 3PM. All work not in by 3PM on Friday (including lab reports, test corrections, extra credit, and written and online homework) will not be counted as part of first quarter grades.

Major Assignments:   Tests will be in the physics classroom during Academic Block.

Test 1: Tuesday Sept 20; Test 2: Friday Oct 14;   Test 3: Thursday Nov 17


Rough Draft of Gravity Lab Report: Monday Oct 10 at 10PM

Final Draft of Gravity Lab Report Nov 3 at 10 PM

Momentum Lab Report Thursday Dec 1 at 10PM

Homework 1 Due

  • Gryffindor   Tuesday 9/6
  • Hufflepuff Tuesday 9/6
  • Ravenclaw Tuesday 9/6
  • Slytherin Wednesday 9/7
  1. Write a letter (approximately one page in length) telling me about yourself. What are you interested in, what did you do over the summer, your family, what do you like to do, etc. It may be either typed or handwritten. Font size and spacing do not count.   You must hand this in on paper, not electronically.
  2. Read blog on Introduction to Physics. Or http://tiny.cc/ycviey



Homework 2 Due

  • Gryffindor   Thursday 9/8
  • Hufflepuff Wednesday 9/7
  • Ravenclaw Wednesday 9/7
  • Slytherin Thursday 9/8

Aristotle and Galileo:

Learn about Aristotle and Galileo by (and take BRIEF notes)

Read Blog entry     http://blogs.bu.edu/ggarber/bua-physics/galileo-aristotle-and-inertia/

OR   YouTube Video   http://youtu.be/nWpEXi3Xb4M

OR   Textbook readings: Chapter 1 on Scientific Measurements (pp 3-5), Scientific Method (pp 8-12) and Chapter 2 pp 21-25 (on Aristotle on Motion, Galileo on Leaning Tower, Galileo on Inclined Planes)

Write Visual Classroom HW on Aristotle, Galileo, and Mass. 




Homework 3 Due

  • Gryffindor   Friday 9/9
  • Hufflepuff Thursday 9/8
  • Ravenclaw Thursday 9/8
  • Slytherin Friday 9/9

Newton’s First Law

Learn about Newton’s First Law AND readings on Mass (and take BRIEF notes)

Read Blog on Newton #1  and on Mass

http://blogs.bu.edu/ggarber/bua-physics-2/newtons-first-law/ AND   http://blogs.bu.edu/ggarber/bua-physics-2/mass-vs-weight/

OR Watch YouTube Video    http://youtu.be/i05XeGuA9go
OR Read textbook Chapter 2: pp 26 (Newton’s 1st Law) Chapter 4: pp 61-3 (mass and Weight)

Visual Classroom HW Questions on “Inertia”




Homework 4 Due

  • Gryffindor   Monday 9/12
  • Hufflepuff Monday 9/12
  • Ravenclaw Friday 9/9
  • Slytherin Monday 9/12

Net Force:

Learn about Net Force and Equilibrium (and take BRIEF notes)

Read Blog entry on Net Force

OR Read text Chapter 2 pp 28-33 (Net Force, Equilibrium Rule, Support Force, Equilibrium of moving things),

Do Visual Classroom HW on Statics

Finish analysis for lab on Mass Experiment using NOTEBOOK on VC.. Arrange things in VC as if your NOTEBOOK were a presentation. This assumes your group finished the experiment. Otherwise you can postpone this for a day.

Bring back laboratory fee of $10 checks made out to “Boston University Academy” and give to Gary Garber


Homework 5

  • Gryffindor   Tuesday 9/13
  • Hufflepuff Tuesday 9/13
  • Ravenclaw Tuesday 9/13
  • Slytherin Wednesday 9/14

Vectors and Triangles and Similar Triangles:

  • Learn about Vectors (and take notes)

Textbook: 28-39  & Workbook Read pp 15-16

OR Blog Entry  OR

OR You Tube Video

  • Finish Mass Vs Weight experiment writing.  Arrange things in VC. If this is confusing I will give you some time to wrap it up in class tomorrow.
  • Do Workbook Problems on Colinear Vectors Ch 2     Do Ex 1,2,3 5 pp 18-19 (You should do this work IN the workbook and bring it into show.  Show your work, not just an answer).
  • Do Visual Classroom HW on Vectors


Homework 6

  • Gryffindor   Thursday 9/15
  • Hufflepuff Wednesday 9/16
  • Ravenclaw Wednesday 9/16
  • Slytherin Thursday 9/15

Statics and trigonometry

  • Learn about statics:

WB Ch 3 Read pp38-41  OR

You Tube Video on Strings Problems   OR

Blog Reading on Strings



Homework 7

  • Gryffindor               Friday 9/16
  • Hufflepuff            Thursday 9/15
  • Ravenclaw             Thursday 9/15
  • Slytherin            Friday 9/16

Inclined Planes and Inverse Trig functions

  • Learn about Inverse Trig and

Watch Inverse Trig   OR

Blog on Inverse Trig

  • Learn about Static Incline Plane Problems

Blog on Inclined Planes

  • Do Visual Classroom HW on Incline Planes and Force Components


Homework 8

  • Gryffindor               Monday 9/19
  • Hufflepuff            Monday 9/19
  • Ravenclaw             Friday 9/16
  • Slytherin            Monday 9/19

Do Workbook problems on Vector forces problems: Ch 3 Ex 13, 14, 15, A9, A12  p 41-47


Study for Test on Tuesday Sept 20 during Academic Block

Motion will NOT be on the test.  The test will cover inertia, Newton’s First Law, forces, statics, trigonometry, vectors, strings problems, and the inclined plane problems.  You should be familiar with all experimental work from class such as the mass vs weight experiment and any strings experiments.



Homework 9

  • Gryffindor               Monday 9/26
  • Hufflepuff            Monday 9/26
  • Ravenclaw             Tuesday 9/27
  • Slytherin            Monday 9/26

Introduction to Motion

Learn about motion and velocity

Read Blog

OR YouTube Video  

OR Read Textbook Chapter 3  (Sections on Speed, Velocity), Appendix A  (US Customary System, System International,  Appendix B (first column only)  AND Workbook p iv (How to use This Book), Chapter 1 pp 1-2 (Speed Velocity, NOT acceleration), Read Examples 1-3



Homework 10

  • Gryffindor               Tuesday 9/27
  • Hufflepuff            Tuesday 9/27
  • Ravenclaw            Wednesday 9/28
  • Slytherin            Wednesday 9/28

Motion and graphing:

Learn about motion and graphing


Do Visual Classroom HW Questions on graphs of Constant V

Do Workbook Questions: Write the answers IN your workbook: For the A problems at the end of the chapter you can show your work on a separate sheet of paper  Chapter 1 p 12 Do Ex. A1-A6