HW on Rotational Motion

Nov 19 (In Class) Physics Test on Conservation of momentum, conservation of energy, rotational motion and periodic motion
Dec 1 (10PM) Optional Rough Draft for Peer feedback on Lab Report
Dec 9 (10PM) Lab Report Due

Rotational motion

Slytherin and Hufflepuff do for Tuesday 11/12
Ravenclaw do for Wednesday 11/13

Either Read textbook pages 123, 124, and 337 OR  Read Blog entry at Rotational Motion

Do Workbook problems  Chapter 6 (Rotational Motion) Ex 1-6 (you should read the examples)
Do Web Assign Circular Motion 2012

Centripetal Acceleration:

Slytherin do for Wednesday Wednesday 11/13
Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw do for Thursday 11/14

Read either the blog Centripetal Acceleration OR  Textbook pp 135-139

Do Workbook Chapter 6 Examples 7-12
InterLACE on Centripetal HW

For FRIDAY all Houses

You must finish your calculations from the collisions experiments.  You should calculate the amount of energy and momentum conserved in all of your collisions.  After your group has posted this, YOU as an individual must arrange your NOTEBOOK in such a way to communicate to a reader what you did.  You might need to add additional details.