Homework for Week 4

Day 1:  We will be taking a test

Day 2: Galileo, Galileo, Galileo!

Day 3: Galileo, Galileo, Galileo!

Day 4:  Accelerating systems. Pulling a Pulley

Day 5: Friction, That Mu That You Do!

Day 6:  Don’t put the Cart before the Horse and Newton’s 3rd Law.

Camp Wing!!!!

HW due for class on Day 1:  Study for test.  Hand in lab notebook.  Lab notebook is ungraded but will receive a full evaluation.

HW due for class on Day 2:

  1. Review the General Lab Report guidelines again. Learn about writing a lab report on the Blog Page
  2. Review the specific lab report guidelines for this report.
  3. Come up with an outline of ideas for your introduction. Post a copy of your outline to InterLACE.
  4. Find a primary source to use for your lab report. Post your primary source to InterLACE. There are suggestions for primary sources in the Great Hall.

HW due for class on Day 3:

Start to write a rough draft of the introduction to your lab report.  Should include equations, derivations, and explanations of key concepts.  Should be 1-3 pages.

HW due for class on Day 4:

Finish rough draft of the introduction and procedure for your lab report. Submit electronically to the DropBox.

HW due for class on Day 5:

Learn about accelerating systems and friction by either:

  1. Read text and workbookText Read pp 52-3, 56-7; WB Read pp 29-31, 35-36
  2. Blog reading (Newton’s Second Axiom AND   Friction )

Do Workbook Problems on Acceleration WB Chapter 3  Ex. 2-5  p 33

Do Web Assign Set on Acceleration (Newton’s Second Axiom)

Make sure to keep your lab notebook up to date.

HW due for class on Day 6

Learn about Newton’s 3rd law and Action-Reaction by either

  1. Read text Text  Read  pp 67-73
  2. You Tube (Link TBA)
  3. Blog reading (Link TBA)

Do Workbook Problems on Friction  WB Chapter 3  Ex. 7,8, 10, 11  p 37

Do Web Assign Set on Friction

Hand in lab notebook for review before you go CAMPING

Rough draft of lab report due electronically in the drop box on Tuesday, Oct 9th by 10PM.

Calendars for


Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6
Gryffindor 9/24 9/25 9/27 9/28 10/1 10/2
Hufflepuff 9/24 9/25 9/26 9/27 9/28 10/2
Ravenclaw 9/24 9/25 9/26 9/27 9/28 10/1
Slytherin 9/24 9/25 9/26 9/28 10/1 10/2