BUA Homework on Vectors

We are entering the last two weeks of the quarter. Grades close on October 18th. I will be reviewing some of the more recent experiments which should be revised with the note-booking feature.  This will be a large part of your InterLACE grade. The experiments that I will focus on include:

  • Walking in Galileo’s Footsteps
  • Newton’s 2nd Axiom
  • Newton’s 3rd Axiom
  • Marsh Chapel
  • Return to Pisa.

The remaining daily homework that will count for this first quarter grade:

Hufflepuff  & Slytherin: do before class on Friday, Oct 11; Ravenclaw do before class on Thursday Oct 10:

  1. WB Problems on Colinear Vectors Ch 2     Do Ex 1-5 pp 18-19
  2. InterLACE HW on Newton’s 2nd Law
  3. Make sure Notebook entries for “Walking in Galileo’s Footsteps” and “Newton’s 2nd” are up to date.
  4. Learn about Vectors and Triangles and Similar Triangles: Your choice of

Hufflepuff  & Slytherin: Before class on Tuesday, Oct 15; Ravenclaw do for Friday Oct 11:

  1. WB Problems Chapter 2 Vectors  Do Ex 6-9 pp 20-21
  2. Web Assign on Vectors
  3. If you have completed the Robot Tug-of-War make sure your notebook entry is up to date
  4. Readings on: Trigonometry &  Vector Components – choice of

Hufflepuff  & Ravenclaw do for class on Thursday, Oct 17; Slytherin, do for class on Wednesday Oct 16

  1. WB Problems on Statics   Do ex 13-17 (p42-3)
  2. Web Assign on Vector Problems
  3. Notebook entries on either Tug-of-War or Marsh Chapel up to date
  4. Readings on: Statics- choice of

All Houses, do for class on Friday, Oct 18

  1. WB Problems on Inclined Planes   Ch3  Do ex 6, 9, B2, B4, B5
  2. InterLACE HW on Vectors
  3. Finish all notebook entries
  4. Readings on Inclined Planes