Lab Report Equipment

So I just finished reading the first drafts of the introductions of the physics students lab reports.  After reading and giving feedback on almost 50 of these reports, my mind is numb.  A few of the students are naturals.  The rest, we have only four years to get them to the point where they can write an 8000, no we changed it, 6000, oops 4000 word Senior Thesis.   They will get there.  Once they learn how to use paragraphs, topic sentences, transitions, cohesive developing ideas….and maybe even proper grammar and speeling along the way.

A few links for students writing the lab reports:

How to generate a bibliography

The software the computers use to analyze data from motion sensors is Logger Pro.

The interface unit is a Vernier LabPro.

The ultrasonic motion sensors.

The Black Rails for the Carts

The Silver Rails for the Carts

The PASCO Dynamics Carts.

Black Bricks for Carts

The LEGO Carts actually have wheels from the PASCO Carts

The Image Analysis Software is from the CEEO.

Here is a low-cost piece of Video Analysis Software from Vernier