Homework for weeks 10

This week we will finish our experimentation with various collisions as we begin exploring the concepts or work and energy.

I will be away at a conference on Friday, but Maddie will be covering classes.
Next Test, Nov 30. Second lab report will be due on Dec 10. We actually have only 15 classes left.

HomeWORK 1:  Momentum and Vectors, Vis Viva and Kinetic Energy
Read Text pp 94-95 on 2D Motion, p 101 Vis Viva, p 106 Kinetic Energy
Web Assign: Momentum in 2D and Vis Viva
InterLACE: Introduction to Energy
Be ready for lab notebook inspections
HomeWORK  2: Work Energy Theorem
Read Text pp 102-107 on Work Energy Theorem and Types of Energy
Workbook: Chapter 5 Ex 1-4, 6
WebAssign:Work Energy


HomeWORK  3:  Conservation of Energy
Read Text pp pp 108-112 Conservation of Energy
Workbook: Chapter 5 Ex 5-10
Web Assign: Conservation of Energy


HomeWORK  4: Energy
InterLACE: Energy

Remaining Topics for Fall Semester:

Circular Motion and Centripetal Force  Ch 8
Springs  (Ch 12)
Simple Harmonic Motion  (Ch 19)
Angular Momentum  Ch 8
Projectiles  Ch 10
Satellite Motion and Energy Ch 10
Special Relativity (Ch 35)