Homework for the 1st Quarter of the year

Due dates should be found on Blackboard. These dates might not be accurate.    This includes general links for the homework.

GRADES CLOSE ON October 16 at 3PM. All work not in by 3PM on Friday (including lab reports, test corrections, written and online homework) will not be counted as part of first quarter grades.

Homework 1st Quarter

Major Assignments:
Test on Friday 9/25 during Academic Block
Test on Friday 10/23 during Academic Block
Rough draft of lab report: Due Monday Night at 10PM  Oct 12th

Homework 0: Before the first class: Due on Wed Sept 2

  1. Write me a one-page letter (hand written is fine) telling me something about yourself.  You should hand this in on paper (not electronically). 
  2. Read blog on Introduction to Physics.


Homework 1: Aristotle and Galileo: Due on Thursday Sept 3

Learn about Aristotle and Galileo by (and take notes)

Read Blog entry

OR   YouTube Video  

OR   Textbook readings: Chapter 1 on Scientific Measurements (pp 3-5), Scientific Method (pp 8-12) and Chapter 2 pp 21-25 (on Aristotle on Motion, Galileo on Leaning Tower, Galileo on Inclined Planes)

Write Visual Classroom HW on Aristotle, Galileo, and Mass. 
Bring back laboratory fee of $10 checks made out to “Boston University Academy” and give to Gary Garber

Homework 2: Newton’s First Law: Due on Friday Sept 4

Learn about Newton’s First Law AND readings on Mass (and take notes)

Read Blog on Newton #1  and Blog on Mass

OR Watch YouTube Video
OR Read textbook Chapter 2: pp 26 (Newton’s 1st Law) Chapter 4: pp 61-3 (mass and Weight)

Visual Classroom HW Questions on “Inertia”


Homework 3: Net Force: Due on Tuesday Sept 8

Learn about Net Force and Equilibrium (and take notes)

Read Blog entry on Net Force

OR Read text Chapter 2 pp 28-33 (Net Force, Equilibrium Rule, Support Force, Equilibrium of moving things),

Finish analysis for lab on Mass Experiment using NOTEBOOK. Arrange things in VC as if your NOTEBOOK were a presentation.

Do Visual Classroom HW on Statics



Night 4 HW:  Learn about Vectors and Triangles and Similar Triangles: Due on Wednesday Sept 9

Your choice of  Textbook: 28-39  & Workbook Read pp 15-16  OR

Blog Entry  OR

You Tube Video


Finish Mass Vs Weight experiment writing.  Arrange things in VC. If this is confusing I will give you some time to wrap it up in class tomorrow.

Do WorkBook Problems on Colinear Vectors Ch 2     Do Ex 1,2,3 5 pp 18-19 (You should do this work IN the workbook and bring it into show.  Show your work, not just an answer).

Do Visual Classroom HW on Vectors

Night 5 HW: Learn about Statics and trigonometry: Due on Thurdsay Sept 10

WB Ch 3 Read pp38-41  OR

You Tube Video on Strings Problems   OR

Blog Reading on Strings


Learn about trigonometry on blog at   http://blogs.bu.edu/ggarber/archive/bua-physics/vector-components-and-trigonometry/

Do WB Problems on Statics   Do Chapter 3  ex 12, 16, 17, A10, A11 (p41-7).  

Do Visual Classroom HW on Trigonometry and Vectors and Strings

Night 6 HW: Learn about Inclined Planes and Inverse Trig functions: Due on Friday Sept 11


Learn about Inverse Trig and Static Incline Plane Problems

Watch Inverse Trig   OR

Blog on Inverse Trig


Blog on Inclined Planes


Do Workbook problems on Vector forces problems: Ch 3 Ex 13, 14, 15, A9, A12  p 41-47

Do Visual Classroom HW on Incline Planes and Force Components

Homework 1: Introduction to Motion:  Due on Wednesday Sept 16

Learn about motion and velocity

  • Read Blog
  • OR YouTube Video  
  • OR Read Textbook Chapter 3  (Sections on Speed, Velocity), Appendix A  (US Customary System, System International,  Appendix B (first column only)  AND Workbook p iv (How to use This Book), Chapter 1 pp 1-2 (Speed Velocity, NOT acceleration), Read Examples 1-3

Learn about Methods for Measuring Velocity on Blog

Do Workbook Questions: Write the answers IN your workbook: Chapter 1 pp 5-6 Do Ex. 1-3

Do Visual Classroom HW Questions on Motion


Homework 2: Motion and graphing:  Due on Thursday Sept 17

Learn about motion and graphing


Do Visual Classroom HW Questions on graphs of Constant V

Do Workbook Questions: Write the answers IN your workbook: For the A problems at the end of the chapter you can show your work on a separate sheet of paper  Chapter 1 p 12 Do Ex. A1-A6


Homework 3: Graphing motion and acceleration:  Due on Friday Sept 18

Learn about acceleration

  • Read the Blog page
  • OR YouTube Video  
  • Or Read Textbook Chapter 3  (Sections on acceleration, Galileo Inclined Plane), Appendix B (Computing velocity and distance on inclined planes and when acceleration is constant)  AND Read Workbook p 2 (Acceleration) and p 5 (Example 5)

Do Workbook problems (do problems in the workbook)  pp. 6-7 Exercises 5-8

DO Visual Classroom HW Questions on acceleration


Homework 4: Accelerating motion:  Due on Tuesday Sept 22

Learn about Kinematic Equations and constant accelerating motion

  • Read the Blog page
  • Or Read Textbook Chapter 3 (How fast, How far, How quickly How Fast Changes)  AND Read Workbook Chapter 2 p 8-9 (Free Fall) and (Examples 6-9)

Visual Classroom Questions on Free Fall

Do Workbook problems p 10-11 Exercises 9-14



Homework 5: Free fall and Inertia:  Due on Wednesday Sept 23

Learn about Galileo and free fall and Newton’s 2nd Law

  • Read Textbook Chapter 4 (Newton’s second law of motion, when acceleration is free fall), Chapter 9 (Newtonian Synthesis, Universal Law of gravity) AND Workbook Chapter 7 p 97 and p101.

Visual Classroom Questions on Free Fall Problems

Do Workbook p 12 Exercises  A7, A8, A9, A12, A15 , B1, B5




Homework 6: Lab Report Guidelines: Due on Thursday Sept 24

  1. Learn about writing a lab report on the Blog Page
  2. Write an outline for the introduction to lab report: Post to Visual Classroom
  3. Find primary sources, start doing background research: Post to Visual Classroom


Homework 7: Introduction to lab report:  Due on Tuesday Sept 29

Write the introduction to lab report: Submit to Blackboard

            Minimum 500 words, Maximum 1500 words