Monthly Archives: July 2013

Physics of the Everglades

I have spent the weekend in Miami with Alejandro and his godparents, Francisco and Maria. Today we went for a Swamp Boat ride in the Everglades.  Last week in U-Design Flight School I discussed how to turn a plane, you needed coordination use of both yaw and roll.  If you try to turn a plane […]

U-Design Flight School on Friday

Our last day of U Design turned out to be busier than I had anticipated.  We spent the morning launching our water bottle rockets.   We had two rocket launchers.    One was a high end rocket launcher, the other a model from Arbor Scientific.  Several years ago, launching soda bottle rockets was easy stuff.  But in […]

U-Design Flight School on Thursday

In the morning, we  launched our rockets.  All rockets were able to make it through one flight.  A couple of rockets were lost in the river or the reeds, but overall we had a great time. After our time in the hot sun, we went for a tour of the Smoke Tunnel with professor Grace.  […]

U-Design Flight School on Wednesday

For projects today the students made final revisions to our Cadet planes and we attempted to fly them.  After several crash landings, we came back to the lab, made repairs and went out for a second round of flying after lunch. In the early morning, Sean Anderson showed the students the work he is doing […]

U-Design Flight School on Tuesday

Tuesday at U Design Another great day at U Design. In the morning, students started by working on their Cadet Balsa planes.  They needed to prepare their wings to and tail pieces to be glued together. My morning lecture consisted of explaining how the instrument panel on a Cessna 172 works.  We explored the function […]

U-Design Flight School Monday

Monday at U Design Camp We had a great day at the U Design Camp. A reminder of your homework assignment.   Bring in a 2 liter soda bottle. Skystreak  The students built a Guillow Skystreak in the morning. Guillow sells a nice variety of balsa wood and foam airplanes.  We  played around with changing the […]

Finished Chapter 3 of my LEGO EV3 Mindstorms Book!

I have been busy throughout the month of July writing a book for Packt Publishing on the new LEGO Mindstorm EV3 kit.  The kit will be available online in early August and in stores sometime in September.  The software is a big improvement over the NXT-G code and has more similarities with Labview.  The hardware […]