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Here is a record of my work with NASA projects and workshops

U-Design Flight School on Friday

Our last day of U Design turned out to be busier than I had anticipated.  We spent the morning launching our water bottle rockets.   We had two rocket launchers.    One was a high end rocket launcher, the other a model from Arbor Scientific.  Several years ago, launching soda bottle rockets was easy stuff.  But in […]

U-Design Flight School Monday

Monday at U Design Camp We had a great day at the U Design Camp. A reminder of your homework assignment.   Bring in a 2 liter soda bottle. Skystreak  The students built a Guillow Skystreak in the morning. Guillow sells a nice variety of balsa wood and foam airplanes.  We  played around with changing the […]

Peer Instruction, NASA, and Sabrage

This morning I visited a calculus class at BU taught by Professor Brian Lukoff.  Brian works with Eric Mazur at Harvard and uses the peer instruction model.  He taught his class using Learning Catalytics.  Similar to InterLACE, the teacher would ask a question.  Each student (instead of groups of students) had their own laptop and […]

ASM Talk on NASA at BUA

I recently made a return trip to BUA to deliver the All School Meeting on Sept 22nd.  I talked about my summer adventures with NASA.  I mentioned several opportunities for students at NASA that I wanted to mention here. Several BUA students are working with students from Gann Academy to program a robot for the […]

Melrose Patch Article

On Friday a new article about Teachers in Space and Teaching From Space appeared in the Melrose Patch! Of the four articles, I do think this was the best.

Space Shuttle Tiles for your classroom!!!

On my way up to my house in Campton, we often stop at the McAulifee-Shepard Discovery Center in Concord, NH.  This is a great space museum with excellent planetarium shows. The last time I went there with Leonardo and Alejandro, we got to handle some space shuttle tiles. If you want to order a Space […]

The future of space exploration???

So what does the future hold for manned space exploration? During my week in Texas I kept asking that question.  Often times, I was met with a glare, a look of despair, or just a sullen look.  Sometimes, you could get someone to open up.  There was a strong negative attitude.  One anonymous NASA employee […]


“Those electrons feel GOOD!”  Robonaut 2  is alive.  Today after several months lying dormant on the International Space Station, they finally turned on Robonaut 2.  You can get updates from Robonaut from his Twitter account. To read about my visit to the Robonaut lab, look at my earlier blog post. He has been groveling in […]

Some local publicity

So there were two online articles recently written on my summer exploits. You can read this nice article in the Boston Globe. There is also an article in the local Melrose newspaper, the North Shore Tab. There might be a few factual errors, but I like the enthusiasm of the articles.

Friday at Teachers in Space Workshop

Friday started out with an exciting presentation by Bobby Russell who runs a company called Quest for Stars.  His goal is to have students launch weather balloons.  His unique twist is that he used his weather balloons to catch video footage of the last few Space Shuttle launches.  He is now working on a RC […]