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I have been playing around a bit with a new website, HapYak, which allows students (and teachers) to annotate videos.  My hope is that students who want to learn by watching a YouTube video will instead of being passive watchers, develop an online way to become an active learner.  Traditionally, one would listen to a […]


Last week, I had cheese and crackers with Chris Teplovs from University of Toronto.  He claimed he could create some elves to help grade my lab reports for me and give the students a chance for feedback on their work before they finalize it.  We shall see what his elves can do.  They might be […]

Recent AAPT meeting

This past Friday I was at the joint meeting of the New England Sections of the American Association of Physics Teachers and the American Physical Society held at Williams College.  This was a great meeting where two of the invited talks on Friday were about the Higgs Boson, both from a theoretical and experimental point […]

Peer Instruction, NASA, and Sabrage

This morning I visited a calculus class at BU taught by Professor Brian Lukoff.  Brian works with Eric Mazur at Harvard and uses the peer instruction model.  He taught his class using Learning Catalytics.  Similar to InterLACE, the teacher would ask a question.  Each student (instead of groups of students) had their own laptop and […]


So as I have mentioned, I am on sabbatical, working at the Tuft’s Center for Engineering Education and Outreach. It is an exciting place, with educational engineering research combined with software and hardware development. As you walk down the hall to my desk, you see And of course, there are LEGOS everywhere. If I look […]


So I received an e-mail from ASCD (Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development) today.  I am really excited and honored to make it through the first round for the OYEA! Dear Gary, Congratulations! You have been selected as an exemplary nominee for the ASCD Outstanding Young Educator Award (OYEA) 2012. The OYEA Selection Committee appreciates your […]

MIT Inspirational Teacher of the Year

I want to thank the many BUA alums who nominated me for this award.  I am really excited and honored.  I read the essay and I am very touched!  So many thanks to Maddie, Sara, Craig, Colin, Betsy, Thomas, Roshini, Sam, and Alex!  It was a fun evening.  As I wrap things up at BUA […]