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Here is a record of my work with robotics

Oct 4 Robot Coach’s Blog

This week: We will plan on meeting on Tuesday from 3:00 to 4:15 or so. Friday: There are no BUA classes on Friday Oct 9th because of a faculty in-service day.  We will try to have the lab opened earlier for those wanting to work on the VEX robots. We have continued to do some […]

Sept 27 Robot Coach’s Blog

I am looking for about a dozen adult volunteers for our Veteran’s Day robotics tournament. At the event, we will be hosting both a VEX Scrimmage and a FIRST LEGO League Scrimmage.  We need adults to serve as refs, judges, queuing, concessions, and crowd control.  Keep in mind, if you also plan to help out […]

Robot Coach’s Blog Sept 3

It has been an exciting week as we welcome the new freshmen to campus.  Of course, several of them have already been working in the lab on VEX robots over the summer. Most likely, the regular lab meeting times this semester for robotics will be Tuesday and Friday afternoons (from 3PM to 5PM) and on […]

Summer is over and Robot Coach’s blog Aug 29 (No VEX this Sunday)

It has been a great summer. We had a great head-start on introducing the younger students to robotics using VEX Robotics Competition.  Will not meet this Sunday.  Many thanks to our seniors who led this effort. It has been an exciting couple of week with great demos at Boston Scientific and the Children’s Museum.  Check […]

Aug 20 Coaches Blog

This Sunday we are scheduled to have a demonstration at the Boston Children’s Museum.  We need transportation to get the robot to the museum.  If we cannot get the robot there, then no demo.  🙁 This past Tuesday we had a great demonstration at Boston Scientific.  You can see several photos on our Facebook page, […]

Aug 13 Robot Coaches Blog

Boston Scientific Demo – Help Needed: Tuesday August 18. We can use some help moving the robot and students for the Boston Scientific Demo.  Please let me know if you can help out.  And it is not too late to sign up for the event.  We want to unload at the event around 8AM which […]

August 6 Robot Coaches Blog

Check out the Tech Savvy Photos on our Facebook page!  Many thanks to Coach Emily for organizing all the students who participated in this (Evelyn, Courtney, Divya, and Neal) event where we taught robotics to the girls in Tech Savvy. On Friday Aug 7th the team went to the GE Lynn Aviation division.  We had […]

July 30 Coaches Blog

This coming week: CAD: Sam will be running another CAD workshop Monday evening at 7PM at the CAD lab. Please sign up both so we know who’s been showing up and so we know there will be a class. VEX: The underclassmen continue to do some great protoyping with the Nothing but Net game.  […]

Robotics Team Updates June 18

June 18th, 2015 Coach’s Blog: Team BBQ: Last Saturday we had the team BBQ at the Nell White’s parents house. Many thanks for hosting us for our end of year celebrations! Beantown Blitz:The big news this week is that we are preparing for our first post-season FIRST Robotics event, the Beantown Blitz. The event is […]

Peer Instruction, NASA, and Sabrage

This morning I visited a calculus class at BU taught by Professor Brian Lukoff.  Brian works with Eric Mazur at Harvard and uses the peer instruction model.  He taught his class using Learning Catalytics.  Similar to InterLACE, the teacher would ask a question.  Each student (instead of groups of students) had their own laptop and […]