Aug 13 Robot Coaches Blog

Boston Scientific Demo – Help Needed: Tuesday August 18. We can use some help moving the robot and students for the Boston Scientific Demo.  Please let me know if you can help out.  And it is not too late to sign up for the event.  We want to unload at the event around 8AM which is at 100 Boston Scientific Way in Marlborough.  We will have a tour of their R&D facility in the late morning.  Parents are welcome to attend and help us out.  The day wraps up around 2:30.

At this moment, on the attendance list:

Mentors: Joseph Von Schoppe, Alex Barden, Paul Terrasi

Students: Jacob N., Divya B., Michael S., Oliver J., Evelyn H.

Boston Children’s Museum: We have a good group signed up for our demo at the Tinker Tent in front of the museum on Sunday Aug 23rd.  This will be a full day event with unloading at the museum around 9AM. Again, please let me know if you can help us drive the robot and tools for this event.  If parents want to help out at this event, there will be free admission to the Children’s Museum (so bring the younger sibling).

Mentors: Paul T.

Students: Evelyn H., Lenny P., Shidong, Jacob N., Michael S., Neil M.,

VEX: We will continue to have VEX work this Sunday at 2PM and next Wednesday at 5PM.  Because of the demo at the Boston Children’s Museum on August 23rd, we will not have any VEX building that day.

Invitation for 246 at the Beach from the Faas-Bush family:
Team members and families are invited for the day or overnight to join us at Westport, MA on Saturday August 29th.  We plan to meet up at our Westport house around noon and then head to the beach for lunch – There is a simple beach shack for burgers and hotdogs along with some alternatives like hummus and tabouli.  Later that afternoon, those who want to stay longer are welcome for dinner and overnight.  The house has a number of beds and if a lot of people are interested we can put up tents.
For kids whose parents can not make the trip, we will have a minivan up in Boston that morning and can pick up kids at BUA at 10:30 Saturday morning – we can’t make a return trip, but there is a bus to South Station on Sunday morning or we could try to arrange carpooling with families that will be returning on Saturday afternoon/evening.

In the News:

Last week, I took Alejandro and Leonardo to see Antman in the theater. As a longtime comic book fan, I did enjoy this movie.  I enjoyed reading BU Professor James Traniello’s discussion of the movie.

Astronauts grow food in space: (AP)  So they now have salad up on the international space station!

NASA opens new round of CubeSAT:(  This is interesting for the local connection because BU has been entering the CubeSAT competition for several years.

First Legal Drone Flight (Bloomberg): Today the first flight of a legal drone will be made over New York City.  The FAA is finally issuing permits to fly commercial drones.  The rules are strict.  Under 200 feet, farther than 500 feet from buildings, 5 miles from airports.