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Gary Garber Teaches Physics at Boston University Academy.
He is the Coach of the Boston University FIRST Robotics Team.

Astronomy and UAV news

There is a new naked eye comet out there which you can see for the next two weeks.  You can read about this in the independent . I liked this article about how companies are responding to UAV in Reuters.  You can buy a bird of prey to keep drones off your property, or a […]

Some astronomy news

This is a reposting from my highschool mentor, Craig Robinson of the Copernicus Planetarium.   A couple of things in the NASA news files that caught my eye.  Piers Sellers died last week.  He was a NASA mission specialist that flew on missions to the International Space Station in 2022, 2006, and 2010.  It is […]

“Getting Started with MATLAB and Simulink for VEX Robotics” Courseware

You can find various High School courses from Mathworks at this link. My particular curriculum is at this link. I am very excited to have Mathworks publish my VEX curriculum.

Cool Camera for Robotics Teams

Each year, our robotics team hosts several large FLL and VEX robotics tournaments at BU. One important feature that we would like to implement in the near future is a live video stream from each of these events on our team’s youtube channel. We will be using the high definition video capture capabilities of one […]

new Homework

GRADES CLOSE ON October 21 at 3PM. All work not in by 3PM on Friday (including lab reports, test corrections, extra credit, and written and online homework) will not be counted as part of first quarter grades. Test 2: Friday Oct 14;   Test 3: Thursday Nov 17 Rough Draft of Gravity Lab Report:  Monday Oct […]

Homework for September

For the new students and their parents, you can find the homework syllabus for the month of September at this link. or cut and paste This coming week we will explore Newton’s 1st and and the ideas of Inertia. Let’s see if any students actually read the blog.  10 House Points is you can […]

Welcome to the New School Year

For incoming BUA students, here is your weekend homework.  You will be sorted into Houses on the first day of classes. Due dates are: Gryffindor   Tuesday 9/6 Hufflepuff Tuesday 9/6 Ravenclaw Tuesday 9/6 Slytherin Wednesday 9/7 Write a letter (approximately one page in length) telling me about yourself. What are you interested in, what did […]

Summer Robotics Update

Monday afternoon June 6:  I would love help if you want a study break with Finishing the senior yearbook Writing the annual review Sending out thankyou notes finish prepping the physics classroom for the summer camps The end of season BBQ will be Friday evening, June 10th at Owen’s House.  Directions and exact ETA coming. […]

Coach’s Update March 24

Dear friends, On Thursday March 31st we will be demonstrating our robot at Google at Robo Madness. This will be an exciting event with lots of the big names in Boston area robotics! Our final event of the season will take place next weekend. FIRST Robotics Competition Boston District event will take place from 4/2 – […]

Robotics Scholarships and How do I get my team to the Robotics World Championship?

We have an amazing group of seniors on the BU Robotics team this year.  They have built an amazing robot and have high hopes of attending great colleges and competing with their robot in the robotics world championship. One of the things that I have to do as a coach is figure out how to […]