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GRADES CLOSE ON October 21 at 3PM. All work not in by 3PM on Friday (including lab reports, test corrections, extra credit, and written and online homework) will not be counted as part of first quarter grades.

Test 2: Friday Oct 14;   Test 3: Thursday Nov 17

Rough Draft of Gravity Lab Report:  Monday Oct 10 at 10PM

Final Draft of Gravity Lab Report Nov 3 at 10 PM


Homework 9

  • Gryffindor               Monday 9/26
  • Hufflepuff            Monday 9/26
  • Ravenclaw             Tuesday 9/27
  • Slytherin            Monday 9/26

Introduction to Motion

Learn about motion and velocity

Read Blog

OR YouTube Video  

OR Read Textbook Chapter 3  (Sections on Speed, Velocity), Appendix A  (US Customary System, System International,  Appendix B (first column only)  AND Workbook p iv (How to use This Book), Chapter 1 pp 1-2 (Speed Velocity, NOT acceleration), Read Examples 1-3


Homework 10

  • Gryffindor               Tuesday 9/27
  • Hufflepuff            Tuesday 9/27
  • Ravenclaw            Wednesday 9/28
  • Slytherin            Wednesday 9/28

Motion and graphing:

Learn about motion and graphing

Do Visual Classroom HW Questions on graphs of Constant V

Do Workbook Questions: Write the answers IN your workbook: For the A problems at the end of the chapter you can show your work on a separate sheet of paper  Chapter 1 p 12 Do Ex. A1-A6


Homework 11: Graphing motion and acceleration

  • Gryffindor               Thursday 9/29
  • Hufflepuff            Wednesday 9/28
  • Ravenclaw             Thursday 9/29
  • Slytherin            Thursday 9/29

Learn about acceleration

  • Read the Blog page
  • OR YouTube Video  
  • Or Read Textbook Chapter 3  (Sections on acceleration, Galileo Inclined Plane), Appendix B (Computing velocity and distance on inclined planes and when acceleration is constant)  AND Read Workbook p 2 (Acceleration) and p 5 (Example 5)

Do Workbook problems (do problems in the workbook)  pp. 6-7 Exercises 5-8

DO Visual Classroom HW Questions on acceleration


Homework 12: Accelerating motion:

  • Gryffindor               Friday 9/30
  • Hufflepuff            Thursday 9/29
  • Ravenclaw             Friday 9/30
  • Slytherin            Friday 9/30

Learn about Kinematic Equations and constant accelerating motion

  • Read the Blog page
  • Or Read Textbook Chapter 3 (How fast, How far, How quickly How Fast Changes)  AND Read Workbook Chapter 2 p 8-9 (Free Fall) and (Examples 6-9)

Visual Classroom Questions on Free Fall

Do Workbook problems p 10-11 Exercises 9-14


Homework 13: Free fall and Inertia: 

  • Gryffindor               Monday 10/3
  • Hufflepuff            Monday 10/3
  • Ravenclaw             Tuesday 10/4
  • Slytherin            Monday 10/3


Learn about Galileo and free fall and Newton’s 2nd Law

  • Read Textbook Chapter 4 (Newton’s second law of motion, when acceleration is free fall), Chapter 9 (Newtonian Synthesis, Universal Law of gravity) AND Workbook Chapter 7 p 97 and p101.

Visual Classroom Questions on Free Fall Problems

Do Workbook p 12 Exercises  A7, A8, A9, A12, A15 , B1, B5




Homework 14: Lab Report Guidelines:

  • Gryffindor               Tuesday 10/4
  • Hufflepuff            Tuesday 10/4
  • Ravenclaw             Wednesday 10/5
  • Slytherin            Wednesday 10/5

Learn about writing a lab report on the Blog Page



Homework 15: Introduction to lab report: 

  • Gryffindor               Wednesday 10/5
  • Hufflepuff            Wednesday 10/5
  • Ravenclaw             Thursday 10/6
  • Slytherin            Thursday 10/6

Write the introduction to lab report: Submit to Blackboard

Minimum 500 words, Maximum 1250 words

Introduction will be an ungraded assignment, but you will receive feedback


Rough Draft of Gravity Lab Report:  Monday Oct 10 at 10PM