Homework Week of Sept 18 to Sept 24

Free fall and Inertia:

Huffle Do for Thursday, Raven Do for Thursday, Slyth do for Wednesday

1    Learn about Galileo and free fall and Newton’s 2nd Law
Read Textbook Chapter 4 pp 56-58 (Newton’s second law of motion, when acceleration is free fall), Chapter 9 pp 151-152 (Newtonian Synthesis, Universal Law of gravity) AND Workbook Chapter 7 p 97 and p101.
2    InterLACE Questions on Free Fall
3      Workbook p 10 Exercises 9-11
4      Web Assign Questions on Free Fall

Lab Report Guidelines:

Huffle Do for Friday, Raven Do for Friday, Slyth do for Friday

1    Learn about writing a lab report AND  Galileo LabReport on the Blog Page
2    InterLACE Questions on “Free Fall Problems”
3     Workbook p 11-12 Exercises 12-14
4    InterLACE Questions “Introduction to Lab Report”

Start lab report:

Huffle Do for Monday, Raven Do for Tuesday, Slyth do for Monday

1    Write introduction to lab report about 2-3 pages of text:
2      Web Assign Questions on Free Fall Problems