Monthly Archives: July 2011

A week of LEGO Robotics Camp!

So Alejandro spent the week at Tufts University every day this week at the Center for Engineering Education and Outreach (CEEO) which is where I am going to be spending some time in the fall during my sabbatical.   Alejandro has an exciting week in the CEEO CoED LEGO Robotics Workshop.  I highly advise this camp […]

Friday at U Design

Our last day of U Design turned out to be busier than I had anticipated.  We spent the morning launching our water bottle rockets.   We had two rocket launchers.    One was a high end rocket launcher, the other a model built by professor Grace who lent it to us (again).  Several years ago, launching soda […]

Thursday at U Design

We started out the day making last minute revisions to our Estes rockets.  We then walked across the river to Magazine beach to launch!  We first tried a ½ A engine in each rocket.  The 1/2 A6-2 engine was not quite powerful enough and the rockets did not go very high, but this allowed us […]

Wednesday at U Design

Today we finished work on all of our airplanes and put the finishing touches on our Cadet Planes.  Students finished work on their Estes rockets and we will be launching the rockets in the morning.  Again, many thanks to the New England AFCEA for donating the rockets! Students began to construct water bottle rockets and […]

Tuesday at U Design

Another great day at U Design. In the morning, students started by working on their Cadet Balsa planes.  They needed to prepare their wings to and tail pieces to be glued together.  I then gave a brief lecture on my NASA experiment. The following link will allow you to view the presentation which is a […]

Monday at U Design Camp

We had a great day at the U Design Camp. A reminder of your homework assignment.   Bring in a 2 liter soda bottle. The students built a Guillow Skystreak in the morning. Guillow sells a nice variety of balsa wood and foam airplanes.  For lunch, the students (when not playing Ultimate Frisbee) played around with […]

Friday in Houston

On Friday morning we got a Director’s tour of Johnson Space Center Tour.  This was a bit more involved than the Space Center Houston Tour which Catalina, Alejandro, and Leonardo went on the previous Friday.  Although I never got to see Rocket Park.  🙁 The Space Exploration Vehicle. This is a prototype of the ‘car’ […]

Thursday in Houston

So Thursday we attended a professional development workshop.  This was nice because there was a lot of information on the different opportunities for students and teachers at NASA.   I should give a plug for the Teaching From Space Website at this point.   The best place to click on it “get students involved” followed by your […]

Photos from Tuesday and Wednesday in Houston

Sorry for the week long hiatus.  I have a lot to write about from touring JSC and meeting Robonaut.  But first, I wanted to post all of the flight photos.  There are a lot of great photos.  If you need a high res photo, just drop me a line. I should note that the photos […]