Peer Review Guidelines for Lab Report

We will not do Peer Review for the first lab report of the semester, but here are the rubrics which will be used in this process.


Purpose of study clearly state  
Brief summary of methods used  
Brief summary of results  
Overall Organization  
Paragraph level organization  
Grammar, spelling, sentence structure  
Citation and Primary Sources  
Define provided for scientific terms  
Independent and dependent variables defined  
Equations connecting variables defined and explained  
Derivations of non-trivial equations  
Study placed in context of related (possibly historical) research  
Methods described in clear enough detail that someone unfamiliar with the study could repeat the experiment  
Explanation of pieces of equipment and why it is used  
Equipment used by peers (not in as much depth) and proper citation  
Photos and sketches (And citations)  
Organization and Writing style (grammar)  
Organization (it should be easy to follow, with everything in similar formats)  
Writing, grammar, etc.  
Data tables with proper units and explanation  
Graphs, properly displayed with axes identified and explained  
Functional dependence of graph explained  
Calculations of any kind and explanation  
Error Calculations  
Explanation of results and errors  
Comparison to Modeling (if applicable…Phet simulation)  
Comparison to Theory  
Proper presentation of peer data  
Proper citation of peer data  
Proper analysis of peer data  
Summary of Paper  
Proposals for future work and studies  
Summary of Error sources and what can be done better next time  
Properly formatted bibliography with primary sources (Appendix A)  
Proper acknowledgement of peer work  

Note:  if you don’t want to spend  1½ pages on a really long derivation in the introduction, put it in a separate appendix (Appendix B) and put a note referring to it in the introduction.