Monthly Archives: March 2012

The Binary Trick

Today we performed some Math Magic Tricks using binary numbers. I started out by asking each student their birthdate, and using the binary trick I was able to guess that number. I was even able to guess any number they were thinking of between 1 and 31. How? I asked the students to look at […]

Math Circle Week of March 21

We continued to count in binary today.   We started out by reviewing how to count the basic numbers in binary. From there we learned how to add in binary, and use addition as a short cut to figure out some larger binary numbers. Since binary is a base 2 system, we talked about powers of […]

Math Circle in March and Pi Day

Two weeks ago we examined how Zorgons count.  Unlike us with 10 digits on our hands, the Zorgons have no fingers, which means they count in binary.   A lot of what I used was based on a lesson by Rick Garlikov. We learned how to count up to the number 32 in binary (or Zorgon) […]

Collaboration in Science

The main project I am working on at Tufts is called InterLACE, which stands for Interactive Learning And Collaboration Environment.  We are developing a piece of software to facilitate Collaboration in the classroom. To quote the opening of a paper I just submitted with my colleagues at Tufts: It is widely understood that collaborative design […]