Monthly Archives: February 2015


So I am trying to finish up answering the long pile of e-mails.  Leonardo should be asleep.  I just heard from his room “Daddy, come look at my physics experiment.  Look at what the electricity is doing.”  He has this giant 3 foot tall stuffed teddy bear.  He was rubbing it on his head and […]

Snow and ice

Too much snow.  The lead page on BUs website is about snow, but not around here.  Snow down in Antarctica explored by BU Professor Marchant. The other lead article worth reading is Time Magazine.  I just recently got a subscription to Time on my Kindle for Alejandro to read.  And noticed an article about BU […]

Go Patriots! And deflategate deflated.

The American Association of Physics teachers had an interesting analysis.  The gist of the analysis consisted of the temperature differences.  In a couple weeks we will be studying gas laws in physics and I see some physics problems coming up (or maybe even a test question). To quote the AAPT website. In this section, I […]