Monthly Archives: April 2013

Next Generation Science Standards

Even though you have been able to read them in almost final draft form online for over a year, the NY Times just reported that the Next Generation Science Standards have finally been unveiled.  I was saddened to see the NYT spends so much time covering in their article and opinion pieces covering evolution and […]

Congnitive Neuro Science and the Shinn-Cunningham Lab

This week the students in physics went to tour the Auditory Neurosicence Lab.  We have been studying acoustics and waves for the past two weeks.  In Professor Shinn-Cunningham’s lab they study how the brain perceives sounds received by the ear. Sid and Scott gave us a great tour of the lab. One of the issues […]

Physics Olympics!

Yesterday was the 27th annual Massachusetts New England Physics Olympics.  This is a really Phun event where 10 teams from 8 schools competed in a variety of Physics Events.  I had the pleasure of trying to coordinate this event, and I must first thank all of the BU undergraduates (and Mark Greenman, the Boston University […]

Newton’s 3rd Law, Labview, and LEGOS

So I just found out that a nice example of InterLACE, LEGOS, and Labview from our BUA Physics Class is on the Vernier Website.  Vernier had a contest for using LabView in the classroom and they loved what the BUA students came up with.  Many thanks to Jeff K (or others) who I think developed […]

The Bubble Lab

Today in physics we went to visit the lab of my favorite bubbleologist.  Although we went as part of our study of acoustics, the lab, which belongs to Professor Glynn Holt studies all kinds of acoustic, wave, and bubble related phenomena. Our guide through this study was Enrique Gutierrez  (who I need to chat with […]


Tonight I went to Tufts CEEO to go play with LEGOs and met Baxter.  He is really good at sorting LEGOs.  He is the future of doing menial tasks that the rest of us don’t want to do.  I see a future where STOMPers will no longer have to sort LEGOs.  Baxter is here to […]

Superheroes, Fringe Science and Science Fairs

I was just reading Leonardo a bedtime story, about a guy named Clark Kent.  For fun, I said “Look up in the air, its a bird, its a plane, its SUPERCREST!”   Leonardo got very upset  He said, “I am tired of your students talking about Supercrest.  Your students don’t know what they are talking about.  […]

Boston Area Physics Teachers Meeting

Tonight I walked down the street and attended another BU Physics Teachers meeting hosted by Mark Greenman.  It was an excellent meeting, with several great magnetism demonstrations that I hope to try out in late April with the students. My favorites were the magnetic kites by David Lyons and sending music using magnetic fields through […]