Tonight I went to Tufts CEEO to go play with LEGOs and met Baxter.  He is really good at sorting LEGOs.  He is the future of doing menial tasks that the rest of us don’t want to do.  I see a future where STOMPers will no longer have to sort LEGOs.  Baxter is here to do the sorting.   With a smile on his face.

And he only costs $22,000. That is without the pedestal or suction cup gripper.

I must say, a robot with a suction cup gripper is not very original.

Baxter is big.  Baxter looks tough.  But I guess he can only lift 5 pounds.  No match for a Dalek.  No match for Robonaut.

BIG MusclesHe likes to shake hands and pose for the camera (R2, not me)

And no match for SUPERCREST Check For more subliminal messages in this blog……a sure way to win house points…….