Monthly Archives: January 2014

NSTA Vernier Award

I received the following note today! Congratulations!  You have been selected by the NSTA (National Science Teachers Association) Awards and Recognitions Committee as a recipient for the 2014 Vernier Technology Award. They reviewed many applications and yours was chosen as it showcased your exemplary science teaching skills. The Vernier Technology Awards will recognize and reward […]


Recently in physics class we just finished out unit on electrostatic. Many thanks to Eric for providing this nice vide     After our introduction to sparks we played with the Van DeGraf Generator, which builds up a huge amount of charge, and makes you into an electroscope as we can see in these photos! […]

Adorable girl and adorable robot

I had to post this picture.  One of the youngest people to buy my book sent me a picture of herself with the LEGO Mindstorm robot she made.

Makerspace and bringing artwork and manufacturing back to the US

When working at Tufts I was able to start playing around with 3D Printers.  3D Printing allows us as individuals to create physical objects that we can imagine! Boston University just opened a giant facility which we might call a “Makerspace.”  But that is an understatement.  EPIC is the new manufacturing training center for Boston […]

Science of the Olympics

As the Olympics are starting, a friend pointed out this great web-site. Speaking of the Olympics, I just spent some time tonight organizing the New England Physics Olympiad.  So if your school is interested, we will soon have information on a date and a location for this annual event.  This year we are planning […]

Robot Season off and Running

So it has been a busy week in the lab.  After cleaning up after our VEX Tournament on Sunday, the students have been busy building our FRC robot!  They have been busy prototyping a few different ideas.  You can read the updates here. One of our alums, who was a freshman when during the first […]