Homework Week 11

Test on November 30

Lab Report Due Dec 9th at 10PM

Rotational motion

Either Read textbook pages 123, 124, and 337 OR  Read Blog entry at Rotational Motion

Do Workbook problems  Chapter 6 (Rotational Motion) Ex 1-6 (you should read the examples)
Do Web Assign Circular Motion 2012

Centripetal Acceleration:

Read either the blog Centripetal Acceleration OR  Textbook pp 135-139

Do Workbook Chapter 6 Examples 7-12
InterLACE on Centripetal HW

Introduction to Pendulum

Read Blog on Pendulum and watch video on this page

Read examples of pendulum problems

Do InterLACE Assignment    Pendulum HW Day 1

Pendulum Day 2

Read Blog on Pendulum Physics

Workbook: Chapter 11 Simple Harmonic Motion  Pendulums   Do ex. 7-12

Do InterLACE Assignment  Pendulum Numerical #2

Pendulum Day 3

Read Reduced Gravity Pendulum