Monthly Archives: June 2011

Wednesday in Houston

It is midnight.  It worked.  I just finished spending 3 hours making a rough analysis of the data.  It actually worked.  I have a lot to say but it is late. Laurie and Rose had an awesome flight today.  Although the video camera failed (probably because the team leader neglected to put fresh batteries in […]

Tuesday in Houston

They day started out with our daily briefing and then we received our anti-nausea medication.  It didn’t help me.  As I was about to go out for my preflight briefing, and engineer found me and told me he was going to ground me if I couldn’t show him the frequencies of the blue transmitter I […]

Monday in Houston

We started out the day on Monday making all of the final adjustments to our experiment.  We added padding to the outside, added Velcro to hold everything down, and ran through the software. After a group photo in front of the plane, we had our Test Readiness Review.  I gave a quick presentation on our […]

The weekend in Houston

So we had the weekend off from our NASA work in Houston.  On Saturday, Catalina, Alejandro, Leonardo and I drive down to Galveston Island.  We spent most of the day at Moody Gardens, which is the equivalent of the Houston Science Museum.  We started out by watching a 3D IMAX movie where we saw the […]

First Day in Houston

So we finished our first day.  Jim Berkman, Rose White, and I left the hotel at 7:15.  Missing was Laurie Glenn whose train from LA was delayed???  We drove to Johnson Space Center to the Giruth Conference Rooms. Once there, the first thing we saw were several heads of oxen on the walls.  As we […]

Houston, Here we come!

Wow, we are in Houston!  I caught an early flight on standby so I hope to get some work in.  The past week was very busy, preparing all of the software and doing some last minute analysis and stress tests for the TEDP (Test Equipment Data Package).   I was able to do most of the […]

Our NASA Experiment is finished!

So this has been a busy week for finishing up our NASA experiment.  The BUA FIRST Robotics Team has been busy building an experiment which will fly on the NASA vomit comet during the last week of June.  Many thanks to Nima, Bard, Borg, Perry and Matt for all of their hard work on this […]