HW for Fall 2014

Class # Gryffindor (B) Hufflepuff (C): Ravenclaw(D): Slytherin (F):
1 Thursday 9/4 Wed 9/3 Wed 9/3 Wed 9/4
2 Friday 9/5 Thursday 9/4 Thursday 9/4 Friday 9/5
3 Mon 9/8 Mon 9/8 Friday 9/5 Monday 9/8
4 Tuesday 9/9 Tuesday 9/9 Tuesday 9/9 Tuesday 9/9
5 Thursday 9/11 Wed 9/10 Wed 9/10 Wed 9/10
6 Friday 9/12 Thursday 9/11 Thursday 9/11 Friday 9/12
7 Monday 9/15 Monday 9/15 Friday 9/12 Monday 9/15
8 Tuesday  9/16 Tuesday  9/16 Tuesday  9/16 Tuesday  9/16
9 Thursday 9/18 Wed 9/10 Wed 9/17 Wed 9/17
10 Friday  9/19 Thursday 9/18 Thursday 9/18 Friday  9/19
11 Monday 9/22 Monday 9/22 Sunday  9/21 Monday 9/22
12 Tuesday  9/23 Tuesday  9/23 Tuesday  9/23 Tuesday  9/23
13 Thursday 9/25 Wed 9/24 Wed 9/24 Wed 9/24
14 Friday  9/26 Thursday 9/25 Thursday 9/25 Friday  9/26
15 Monday 9/29 Monday 9/29 Friday 9/26 Monday 9/29
16 Tuesday  9/30 Tuesday  9/30 Tuesday  9/30 Tuesday  9/30
17 Thursday 10/2 Wed 10/1 Wed 10/1 Wed 10/1
18 Friday  10/3 Thursday 10/2 Thursday 10/2 Friday  10/3
19 Monday 10/6 Monday 10/6 Monday 10/6 Monday 10/6
20 Tues 10/14 Tues 10/14 Wed 10/15 Tues 10/14
21 Thurs 10/16 Wed 10/15 Thurs 10/16 Wed 10/15
22 Friday  10/17 Thurs 10/16 Friday 10/17 Friday 10/17
23 Tues 10/21 Tues 10/21 Tues 10/21 Tues 10/21
24 Thurs 10/23 Wed 10/22 Wed 10/22 Wed 10/22
25 Friday  10/24 Thurs 10/23 Thurs 10/23 Friday 10/24
Major Assignments:
Introduction to lab report due Sunday Night 10PM Sept 21
Physics Test on Sept 23
Rough Draft of Lab Report Due 10PM Monday Oct 6th
Oct 8-10 is Camp Wing
No School Oct 13 for Colombus Day
Oct 14 is Monday Schedule
Oct 17 is last day of the Quarter
Oct 20: No School
Physics Test on Oct 28
Homework 0: Before the first class:
1.  Write me a one-page letter (hand written is fine) telling me something about yourself.  You should hand this in on paper (not electronically). 
2. Read http://blogs.bu.edu/ggarber/bua-py-25/introduction-to-physics/
OR watch Introduction to Physics Video 
Homework 1: Aristotle and Galileo
Learn about Aristotle and Galileo by
Read Blog entry
OR   YouTube Video  
OR   Textbook readings: Chapter 1 on Scientific Method (pp 7-10) and Chapter 2 pp 18-23 (on Aristotle on Motion, Galileo on Leaning Tower, Galileo on Inclined Planes)
Write InterLACE HW on Aristotle, Galileo, and Mass.  Int.erlace.com
Web Assign Questions on Aristotle vs Galileo www.webassign.net


Homework 2: Web Assign Pre-exam- Force Concept Inventory

Homework 3: Newton’s First Law

  1. Learn about Newton’s First Law and Net Force
    Read Blog
    OR Watch YouTube Video
    OR Read textbook Chapter 2: pp 23-29 (on Newton’s 1st Law, Net Force, Equilibrium Rule, Support Force, Equilibrium of moving things), Chapter 4: pp 54-5 (mass and Weight)
  2. InterLACE Questions on “Inertia Questions”
  3. Web Assign Questions on Inertia and Net Force

Homework 4: Statics and Introduction to Motion.

Learn about motion and velocity
Read Blog
OR YouTube Video  
OR Read Textbook Chapter 3 pp 36-38 (on Speed, Velocity), Appendix A pp. 665 (US Customary System, System International,  Appendix B p 668 (first column only)  AND Workbook p iv (How to use This Book), Chapter 1 pp 1-2 (Speed Velocity, NOT acceleration), Read Examples 1-3
Read about Methods for Measuring Velocity on Blog
InterLACE HW Questions on Statics
Web Assign Questions on “Statics and Equilibrium”
Learn about LEGO Mindstorm Robots and Programming in LabView:
Either Read blog
Or Watch Video

Homework 5: Motion and graphing

Learn about motion and graphing
Read Blog
OR YouTube Video
Or Read Textbook Appendix C pp 671-673 (Graphs, Cartesian, Area and Slope)
InterLACE HW Questions on Motion
Workbook Questions: Write the answers IN your workbook: Chapter 1 pp 5-6 Do Ex. 1-4
Make sure the Notebook Feature of InterLACE is updated with a record of your experiment.  Have you fully described what you did?  Sketched/photos of your experiments.  Results and analysis?  Comparison to other groups.  A screen shot of your code?

Homework 6: Graphing motion and acceleration

Learn about acceleration
Read the Blog page
OR YouTube Video  
Or Read Textbook Chapter 3 pp 39-41 (acceleration, Galileo Inclined Plane), Appendix B pp 668-670 (Computing velocity and distance on inclined planes and when acceleration is constant)  AND Read Workbook p 2 (Acceleration) and p 5 (Example 5)
InterLACE HW Questions on graphs of Constant V
Web Assign Questions on “Motion, Speed and velocity”
Update lab notebook on InterLACE

Homework 7: Accelerating motion

Learn about Kinematic Equations and constant accelerating motion
Read the Blog page
Or Read Textbook Chapter 3 pp 41-45 (How fast, How far, How quickly How Fast Changes)  AND Read Workbook Chapter 2 p 8-9 (Free Fall) and (Examples 6-9)
InterLACE Questions on acceleration
Workbook (do problems in the workbook)  pp6-7 Exercises 5-8
Update lab notebook on InterLACE


Homework 8: Free fall and Inertia

Learn about Galileo and free fall and Newton’s 2nd Law

Read Textbook Chapter 4 pp 56-58 (Newton’s second law of motion, when acceleration is free fall), Chapter 9 pp 151-152 (Newtonian Synthesis, Universal Law of gravity) AND Workbook Chapter 7 p 97 and p101.

InterLACE Questions on Free Fall

Workbook p 10 Exercises 9-11

Web Assign Questions on Free Fall

Homework 9: Lab Report Guidelines

  1. Learn about writing a lab report on the Blog Page
  2. InterLACE Questions on Free Fall Problems
  3. Workbook p 11-12 Exercises 12-14
  4. Web Assign Questions on Free Fall Problems
  5. Start thinking about lab report

Homework 10: Start lab report

  1. Write an outline for the introduction to lab report: Post to InterLACE
  2. Find primary sources, start doing background research: Post to InterLACE
  3. Make graphs, analyze data: Post to InterLACE

Homework 11: Introduction lab report

Write the introduction to lab report: Submit to Dropbox

Homework 12:  STUDY FOR TEST

Homework 13: Learn about Newton’s 2nd Law:

Read Text Read 56-7; Workbook Read pp 29-31  OR Blog reading (Newton’s Second Axiom )

Do Workbook Problems on Acceleration WB Chapter 3  Ex. 2-5  p 33

InterLACE HW Assignment on Forces and Acceleration


Homework 14: Learn about Friction

Read textbook  pp 52-3; Workbook Read pp35-36       OR Blog reading on Friction

Do Workbook Problems on Friction  WB Chapter 3  Ex. 7,8, 10, 11  p 37

Do Web Assign on Acceleration (Newton’s Second Axiom)


Homework 15: Learn about Newton’s 3rd Law

Read textbook   pp 67-73 (Newton’s 3rd Law)

Do Web Assign on Friction

Homework 16: Learn about Vectors and Triangles and Similar Triangles:

Your choice of  Textbook: 74-77, 674-676   & Workbook Read pp 15-16  OR

Blog Entry  OR

You Tube Video

WB Problems on Colinear Vectors Ch 2     Do Ex 1-5 pp 18-19

InterLACE HW on Newton’s 2nd Law

Make sure Notebook entries for “Walking in Galileo’s Footsteps” and “Newton’s 2nd” are up to date.


Homework 17: Learn about Trigonometry and Vector Components

Read WB p248 on Trigonometry & Read WB Vectors Ch 2 Read pp 17-8  OR

You Tube Video  OR

Blog entry

Do WB Problems Chapter 2 Vectors  Do Ex 6-9 pp 20-21

Do Web Assign on Vectors

If you have completed the Robot Tug-of-War make sure your notebook entry is up to date


Homework 18: Learn about Statics

WB Ch 3 Read pp38-41  OR

You Tube Video on Inverse Trig and Strings Problems   OR

Blog on Inverse Trig and Strings

WB Problems on Statics   Do ex 13-17 (p42-3)

Web Assign on Vector Problems

Notebook entries on either Tug-of-War or Marsh Chapel up to date

Homework 19:

On Monday evening (at 10PM) October 6th, the full rough draft of your lab report is due.  Send it to the drop box.  This will be a graded draft.  It will be a major part of your 1st Quarter October Report Card.  However, it will be a minor part (3%) of your total semester grade, which is what goes down on your permanent record.   Page limit: 20 pages maximum.  3000 words maximum.  If you are including photos, make them low-resolution to reduce the file size of your document.  Max file size, 10 MB.


Homework 20: Learn about Inclined Planes

WB  Ch 3   Read Ex 5(p32) Ex 8(p36) Ex 15(48-9)  OR

YouTube on Inclined Planes  OR

Blog on HYPERLINK “http://blogs.bu.edu/ggarber/bua-physics/inclined-planes/”Inclined Planes

WB Problems on Inclined Planes   Ch3  Do ex 6, 9, B2, B4, B5InterLACE HW on Vectors

Finish all notebook entries


Homework 21: Learn about Momentum and the Force-Impulse Relationship

Read Textbook pp 84-88 & Workbook pp 51-3 OR

Read Blog http://blogs.bu.edu/ggarber/bua-physics/momentum/

Workbook: Chapter 4 p 53  Exercises 1-3

Do InterLACE HW on Momentum


Homework 22: Learn about Conservation of Momentum and Newton’s 3rd Law

Read Textbook pp 89-91 OR

Watch Video http://youtu.be/unBhqd6oP7w

            Web Assign: Momentum-Impulse Relationship

Workbook: Chapter 4 p 54  Exercises 4-6


Homework 23: Learn about Collisions, Elastic, Inelastic

Read Textbook pp 91-93 & Workbook pp 55-57 OR

Watch Video  http://youtu.be/cRg2bUXuv_s     OR

Blog at http://blogs.bu.edu/ggarber/bua-physics/collisions-and-conservation-of-momentum/

Workbook: Chapter 4 p 58  Exercises 7-11

Web Assign: Conservation of Momentum


Homework 24  Learn about 2D Collisions and Vis Viva

Read Textbook pp 94-95, 101 OR

Watch Video Vis Viva Video  http://youtu.be/gaGHdph_DZg

Collisions Video   http://youtu.be/D5vzOmoNRIg

Workbook: Chapter 4 p 59  Exercises 12-14

InterLACE HW: 2D Collisions

Web Assign: 2D Collisions and Vis Viva


Homework 25   Lab Report Revisions

Read your lab report feedback.  Start working on your revisions.  Final draft is due Nov 3 at 10PM