Monthly Archives: January 2015

I got an Aeronautics Award

So I just got the below note in my e-mail tonight!  Although many think I only play with robots and LEGOS, before I got into robots, my main focus was astronomy and flying airplanes.  I still teach an aeronautical engineering camp in the summer with the BU College of Engineering and launch rockets with the […]

My Video is out!

About a year ago I started working on a video for the classroom  with the MIT BLOSSOMS project.   You can watch my video and download the lesson plans here. It took about a year to produce this.  I was one of several teachers selected last January to produce videos for the classroom. To quote from […]

LEGO Discovery Center

I just finished the preface for my new LEGO book, so I decided to treat myself with a trip to the new LEGO discovery center.  I particularly like all of the models in Miniland built by the Master Builder,  Ian Coffey.  I now have it in my mind to build a model of BU Academy, […]