Monthly Archives: February 2013

Playing with toys

I spent the afternoon at Tufts playing with some cool toys.  I just picked up some new toys from National Instruments, their MyTemp.  You can learn a bit more here.  Since we are studying thermo right now, this is great.  There are nice thermistor units.  We could have used them last week to put right […]

AAPT Photo Contest

THe BUA ASM Speaker at the end of this month will be John Rice the father of Eury Rice who came in 2nd place in the 2006 National AAPT Photo Contest. You may notice her photo on the wall across from the physics classroom. I also recently put a poster on the bulliten board outside […]

PhysEx at MIT

PhysEx is an opportunity for high school girls (and guys!) to learn about becoming a physicist. Students will have the chance to see the in’s-and-out’s of the life of a female physics major at MIT. PhysEx will be held Mar. 9th, from 10am-4pm on the MIT campus (see our website for me details). Events will […]

The genuine inquiry based learning experience for teachers

Last week I had the pleasure of sitting in on a group of teachers doing an evaluation callback for the Boston University Research Experience in Teaching (R.E.T.) Biophotonics program.  In an R.E.T. program, middle and high school teachers spend the summer working alongside graduate students and professors in research laboratories.  As the teachers met with […]