Newton’s 3rd Law, Labview, and LEGOS

So I just found out that a nice example of InterLACE, LEGOS, and Labview from our BUA Physics Class is on the Vernier Website.  Vernier had a contest for using LabView in the classroom and they loved what the BUA students came up with.  Many thanks to Jeff K (or others) who I think developed the code.

“Garber created a lesson to show an interesting way to teach Newton’s 3rd Law using Vernier Dual-Range Force sensors, NI LabVIEW software and LEGO NXT Mindstorms. The question posed is what is the tension in a string during a Tug-Of-War. The LEGO NXT Robots do the Tug-Of-War and the students write the programs in LabVIEW to gather Force Data and display it on the NXT robots.”