Snow and ice

Too much snow.  The lead page on BUs website is about snow, but not around here.  Snow down in Antarctica explored by BU Professor Marchant.

The other lead article worth reading is Time Magazine.  I just recently got a subscription to Time on my Kindle for Alejandro to read.  And noticed an article about BU Professor Ed Damiano

To quote the ASEE updates

Reports on Boston University biomedical engineering professor Ed Damiano’s efforts to develop a “portable, wearable bionic pancreas – a device he hopes to have on the market as early as 2017,” when his son David will attend college. Though the device will not cure Type 1 diabetes, it “could prove to be the next best thing” and would be “a life changer for” patients. It could also “translate into profits for Damiano – Type 1 diabetes accounts for $5 billion in health care costs each year –which is why a number of other research groups are working on their own versions of the bionic pancreas.” Results from “the last published study” show “that 81% of people on the bionic pancreas had better blood-sugar control than with their standard treatment.”