Welcome to the New School Year

For incoming BUA students, here is your weekend homework.  You will be sorted into Houses on the first day of classes. Due dates are:

  • Gryffindor   Tuesday 9/6
  • Hufflepuff Tuesday 9/6
  • Ravenclaw Tuesday 9/6
  • Slytherin Wednesday 9/7
  1. Write a letter (approximately one page in length) telling me about yourself. What are you interested in, what did you do over the summer, your family, what do you like to do, etc. It may be either typed or handwritten. Font size and spacing do not count.   You must hand this in on paper, not electronically.
  2. Read blog on Introduction to Physics. Or http://tiny.cc/ycviey

In the news:

They discovered 3.7 billion year old fossils in Greenland which you can read about in the NY Times.

Using the Chandra X-Ray observatory, NASA discovered a Galaxy Cluster about 11.1 billion light years from Earth.

The FAA has paved the way for Commercial Drones to be flying within a year.

Mark Zuckerberg gave a drone to Pope Francis.  This drone could be used to beam the internet (and Facebook) to countries without the internet.