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Gary Garber Teaches Physics at Boston University Academy.
He is the Coach of the Boston University FIRST Robotics Team.

Great new Physics Discovery

Today they announced at MIT that they discovered Gravitational Waves.  This is exciting news that I have been waiting for since college.  I remember as an undergrad doing textbook calculations in my General Relativity class of how strong the waves would need to be to be detected.

Robotics Update Feb 11

Dear friends, Crowdfunding: We are beginning our now annual fund raising campaign to help fund our robotics program.  This year we are using the Boston University Crowdfunding site.  I will be sending out a sample letter that you can send to friends asking them to contribute to the team.  If all members of the team (students and mentors) can […]

Coach’s update Feb 3

Dear Team and Friends: Travel Forms: I have added some new forms that students AND mentors need to fill out for travel to the competitions. There is a travel form for April (in addition to the form for March). There is also an actual permission slip which needs a signature on it. Click here to […]

Robot Coach’s Blog Jan 18

It has been an exciting week with team Overlocked.  We ran a very successful VEX tournament last weekend and had a good crowd for our FRC kickoff.  You can view many photos on our Facebook page. The team is actively working on our new robot, codenamed, Hungry, Hungry, Hippo. A few notes: Crowdfunding: This week […]

Dec 1 Coaches Blog FLL HELP NEEDED AND ANNUAL Review

Dear Friends, Annual Review: I wanted to share with you the highlights of the previous season.  Our Annual Review contains some of our favorite photos from the past season, a summary of our awards and season highlights, a list of all of our generous corporate sponsors, and our expenses for the season.  Many thanks to […]

Coach’s Blog Nov 19

Veteran’s Day Recap: Last week we held a great tournament for FIRST LEGO League, VEX, and VEXIQ.  You can check out all the photos on our Facebook page.  Many thanks to all of our volunteers!  We had 21 teams from 16 different schools in attendance. FLL Outreach Workshop:This Sunday we will be holding a workshop […]

Robot Coach’s Blog

New Lab times: Going into the end of the semester the lab will now be open on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.  We have a lot of work to do, and showing up is key! Tuesdays 3 pm – 5 pm Fridays 3pm – at least 5 pm Saturdays probably 10 am – 4 pm Cleaning […]

Oct 22 Coach’s Blog

Dear Friends: MassPep: We will be continuing to support the Massachusetts Pre-engineering program as part of our outreach efforts.  Last year we have several students who taught a weekend class on 2-3 Saturday mornings a month to middle school students at Roxbury Community College.  There is funding to pay for a stipend for 1 students […]

Oct 18th Physics Teachers Blog

This morning I had breakfast with several physics teachers from around New England.  We were getting together to plan for the 30th annual New England Physics Olympics.  I was joined by teachers from Wellesley High School, North Kingston High School, Thayer Academy and Apponequet High School.  I just finished updating the Olympics website with the […]

Oct 12 Robot Coach’s Blog

This week: The lab will be open on Friday.  I hope many of you will be there to work on the VEX robots.  If you are interested in working in our FRC Fall project, we will have a planning session. This will be the lead chance to see what the big BUILD season will be […]