Coach’s Blog Nov 19

Veteran’s Day Recap: Last week we held a great tournament for FIRST LEGO League, VEX, and VEXIQ.  You can check out all the photos on our Facebook page.  Many thanks to all of our volunteers!  We had 21 teams from 16 different schools in attendance.

FLL Outreach Workshop:This Sunday we will be holding a workshop for younger students on FIRST LEGO League teams.  We have 8 teams coming to visit us in the Physics Classroom where we will have two FLL fields set up.   We need 7 students to volunteer at this weekend’s FLL Workshop form 2-5 pm on Sunday the 22nd.  Pizza will be provided for you  Please, sign up on this doodle so we know if you’re free.

FRC Fabrication Training: On Friday the lab will be open for fabrication training.  So if you want to learn to use the drill press and the band saw stop by on Friday at 4PM as you are waiting for the Lock-In to start.

FLL Qualifier on Dec 5: Our next major tournament is the FIRST LEGO League tournament on Saturday Dec 5th.  Most BUA students should be here to help out with the Tournament.  We will have 24 FLL teams attending.

Open Lab Times:

  • Friday Nov 20: 3:30 to Lock-IN (Fabrication training and VEX work)
  • Saturday Nov 21: Lab closed because of Lock-In
  • Sunday Nov22 : Lab open 10AM until 1:30 when we will be doing setup for the FLL workshop.
  • Monday Nov 23: Lab Open 3-5PM
  • Tuesday: Lab Open 3-5PM

FRC Events: We are now also Registered for Dartmouth FRC District event which is March 18-20.

See all of our events on our calendar.