Oct 12 Robot Coach’s Blog

This week: The lab will be open on Friday.  I hope many of you will be there to work on the VEX robots.  If you are interested in working in our FRC Fall project, we will have a planning session. This will be the lead chance to see what the big BUILD season will be like and let your voice be heard with our fall project.

For the younger students on the team, if you have not filled out your robotics interests poll, please do so at the following link.  http://goo.gl/forms/FIpolMtZjU

Java Class: On Monday the 19th (no BUA classes) from 10-2:30 in the physics classroom, the coding team will be holding a class on the basics of Java and object-oriented programming. It is open for all to attend, but is geared towards students who want to help code the FIRST robot. If possible, please bring a laptop with eclipse installed. No prior coding experience is required. Please fill out this doodle if you are interested.  We will offer a pizza lunch.

Open Lab Time: The lab will be open on Tuesday October 20th for VEX work.

Fall Festival: On Friday Oct 23rd the lab will not be open.  We will be doing demonstrations of Scorpion in the Sargent gym from 4PM to 6PM.   You will also an opportunity to drive Scorpion around, so you can try your hands at the chassis joysticks (not the arm).

Veteran’s Day is coming along with our November Robotics Tournament.  We need volunteers for this event.  Either Leah Magid or I will be reaching out to many of you in the coming days to solicit your help!  We are hosting three events that day.  A VEX VRC (VEX Robotics Competition) event will be running all day.  A few of our Academy students will be competing in this event.   We will also be hosting a VEXIQ (elementary/middle school kids) event in the morning.  We will be hosting a FIRST LEGO League scrimmage in the afternoon.  Some of our students will be competing in this event.  The rest will be supporting the event as judges, refs, field techs and pit management.

Material Donations needed: The lab needs several items.  If you would like to donate one of these items to the team, it would be appreciated.

  • Laptop: For programming
  • Desktop: For CAD
  • Rolling Toolchest: The one we have is falling apart.
  • Small filing cabinet with a working lock.

Official FRC Tournaments:  We have now registered for the Boston University FRC District event on  April 1-3 and the North Shore FRC District event at Reading High School  on March 11-13.   The North Shore event is in the middle of the two week long BUA spring break.  Or at the tail end of the Boston University spring break.