Robotics Update Feb 11

Dear friends,

Crowdfunding: We are beginning our now annual fund raising campaign to help fund our robotics program.  This year we are using the Boston University Crowdfunding site.  I will be sending out a sample letter that you can send to friends asking them to contribute to the team.  If all members of the team (students and mentors) can send out a request to 24.6 friends over the next couple of days, this will kick us off!

Public Unveiling: Our robot is driving around and we are now working on the shooter.  The public unveiling of our robot will be on Thursday, February 25th at 4PM in the Sargent Gym.  I hope you can attend this celebration.

Permission Slips: A reminder, if you have not sent in a signed permission slip and a travel form, please download them and get them to me ASAP.  I need signed permission slips from both mentors and students if you plan to attend any of the events with us.

Hotel for Hartford: I have now made hotel reservations for the students and mentors in Hartford based on the assumption that we will qualify for the New England Championship.  Any parents who plan to travel with the team should make their own hotel reservations.   We will be staying at the Radisson Hotel in Hartford.  If you are booking a room, you can try using the Promotional Code  “USFIRS”

Practice Field: Thanks to the help of many mentors and parents, we have constructed a practice playing field in the Sargent Gym.  Several visiting teams from the Boston area will be using the field for practice.  We will also be sharing our lab and/or the field for extended periods of time with the teams from Josiah Quincy High School and Cambridge Ringe and Latin.