Summer is over and Robot Coach’s blog Aug 29 (No VEX this Sunday)

It has been a great summer.

We had a great head-start on introducing the younger students to robotics using VEX Robotics Competition.  Will not meet this Sunday.  Many thanks to our seniors who led this effort.

It has been an exciting couple of week with great demos at Boston Scientific and the Children’s Museum.  Check out our Facebook page for the pictures.

I am very exciting for the coming year.  We really have a Dream Team of Seniors.  Our Co-Captains leading the team this year, Evelyn H. and Oliver J. are inspirational and have done a great job of leading the younger students on our team this summer.  We have a super-powered team of Vice-Captains, Jordan, Owen, Michael, Janina, and Lenny.  The last time we had a super-powered group of seniors like this leading the team was in 2011-2012 when we won both the Boston Regional Chairman’s Award and we were the Boston Regional Tournament Champions.  I had lunch with the co-captain of that team from 2012 last week, Will P.  We were reflecting on what it takes, and I am excited to have such a good group of seniors to lead the team!

We will not be meeting with the underclassmen this week.  I am hoping to have the juniors and seniors around to help prep the lab for the season.  We need to move the robots to BUA for demos, and prepare several bins of materials to donate to other teams.

We have not decided on which days to meet yet, but I am leaning towards Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

We will have a few demos in September.  On Sept 10th is the BUA Activity Fair.  There is also the BU Engineering activity fair.

The Engineering Block party is after-school on Tuesday on the Cummington Mall.  I don’t think we will do a demonstration, but we should be prepped to bring Scorpion upstairs if we are asked.

Save the dates. Our Fall Tournaments we are hosting in the BUA Gym.

  • Veteran’s Day Nov 11th Wednesday: VEX Scrimmage.
  • Saturday Dec 5th: FLL Tournament
  • Sunday Jan 10th: VEX Tournament:

In the News:

Drone Killing Laser Cannon (Wired): Boeing is developing a laser cannon to blast drones out of the sky.  Just like Star Wars!  Except no sound affects.  The coolest thing, is that is is controlled by an XBOX 360 controller.  Read the article!

Astronauts to control robots from space: (Talk Radio News): So NASA astronauts on the ISS are being trained to control a Earth based robot using haptic feedback.

Girls prefer computer science classes that are non-geeky (Fortune): I am curious now if the statistics from this national trend would apply to BUA.  According to Fortune, girls prefer to study computer science in an environment that is not overly nerdy.

See you in school this week!