Sept 27 Robot Coach’s Blog

I am looking for about a dozen adult volunteers for our Veteran’s Day robotics tournament. At the event, we will be hosting both a VEX Scrimmage and a FIRST LEGO League Scrimmage.  We need adults to serve as refs, judges, queuing, concessions, and crowd control.  Keep in mind, if you also plan to help out at the Dec 5 LEGO League Tournament or Jan 10 VEX Tournament, this is a good way to get some practice.

Here is a nice photo of our BUA students preparing for the FLL Scrimmage.  They are building the LEGO playing fields right before Back To School Night on Sept 15th.

IMG_0354 IMG_0356

For our FIRST FRC Season:  Mark your calendar: We are registered for the Boston University District Event on April 1-3.  The event starts at 5PM on Friday April 1st and runs through Sunday evening.

Lab time this coming week:  We will be open on Tuesday and Friday this coming week.

The Lab:  I spent some time this week cleaning up the office end of our lab. I want to reiterate our food policy.  I found two bags of fresh food – from six months ago.  It was unworthy of a chemistry experiment.  The nice table that faces the rocket lab windows will now be reserved for VISTA and official FIRST use only.  Please keep your items off of it.  I am doing an annual house cleaning of the lab.  In the process donating our excess inventory to local rookie teams.

VEX: The students are doing great work in the lab.  Notice how clean the lab is. If they are ready, we will compete in Manchester, NH on Halloween, Oct 31.


Material Donations needed: The lab needs several items.  If you would like to donate one of these items to the team, it would be appreciated.

  • Laptop: For programming
  • Desktop: For CAD
  • Rolling Toolchest: The one we have is falling apart.
  • Small filing cabinet with a working lock.