Reduced Gravity Pendulum talk at Lowell Regional Physics Alliance

Last week I talked about the Reduced Gravity Pendulum at the Lowell Regional Physics Alliance. The LRPA is a great group of Physics Teachers from the greater Lowell area who gather once a month.  There is always a great keynote speaker, some cool demonstrations, and a few prizes.  The talks are organized by the legendary Art Mittler.

You can find a lot of the links from my talk in a previous blog posting from October when I gave this talk at Boston University Academy.   There are a few new links that I wanted to mention.  First, as I write this there is a new group of teachers currently flying on Reduced Gravity Flights in Houston.  You can see photos here.   You can also track their flight online.

Floating in zero g

Floating in zero g

Some teachers might be interested in their own proposals for a RGL, so I wanted to post a copy of my BUA application.  I hope that will help you in the writing of your own application.  I am also posting a copy of the Test Equipment Data Package (Boston_27Jun11_groupA_26June2011.)  This is the lengthy document you must write after you have been accepted (under the tutiledge of a NASA mentor) explaining how your experiment works.

I will try and upload the actual data in a couple of days.