Thermo Experiments

A brief summary of the variety of thermo experiments in work this week.



Conduction in an Iron Bar: Jordan, Jeff, Olek

Mix hot and Cold Water: Liam, Lenni, Henry

Alcohol and Water: Alex and Michael

Heating Water: Sarah, Habiba, and Sophia


Heating Saltwater: Emily and Ziling

Mixing hot and cold water/alcohol: Madeleine and Evelyn

Hot and Cold water: Kevin, David, Matt

Mixing water and Nails: Oliver, Max, and Tynan


Conduction in iron/aluminum bars: Owen, Emmet, Brian

Mix hot and cold water: Sophia, Lilly, Joy

Thermal Expansion: Betty, Alex, and Mayrose

Conduction between fluids: Sunday and Nix

Heating water: Michael and Tom


Mixing hot and cold water: Eric, Aiden, Dan

Conduction in various metal rods: Janina, Candace, Gabriela, Nadia

Latent Heat of Fusion: Jonah, Warren, Matt