Blossoms and I went back to school this weekend

As teachers we often engage in professional development.  As my son Leonardo often asks, why do I need to go back to school.  What grade am I in?  Grade 100?

I went down to Cambridge to a program run by Blossoms.  Blossoms is trying to integrate video into the classroom.  Not in that 1980s way of TV in the classroom that put us all to sleep.  But in our YouTube generation, with 2-5 minute video clips.  The idea of Blossoms is to show students professionally made short video clips to inspire in-depth student explorations and discussions.  What is particularly interesting about Blossoms is their international reach and how all their videos are translated into Arabic and Portuguese.  The program is run by Richard Larson, who is the producer behind all of the famous Walter Lewin videos.  So another new adventure!  If you are not familiar with Walter Lewin, watch below.