UAV Here come the drones

The Spring Meeting of the New England Section of AAPT will be on the Drones.   I am in the midst of organizing this meeting.

So are Drones in the news?

A lot of people are getting drones for XMAS according to Bloomberg.

“If you find a drone under the Christmas tree next week, it may also come with a list of U.S. government guidelines for safe flying and even software to keep the device away from airports.

Sales of the small, unmanned aircraft are soaring this holiday season, prompting fears that first-time users could accidentally crash them into people, buildings or even aircraft. Retailers, including Inc. (AMZN), are taking steps to educate buyers of the high-tech toys……The Federal Aviation Administration reported drone safety cases for the first time last month, showing incidents had grown to more than 40 per month.”

What does that have to do with Education?  According the the National Journal the new regulations are inhibiting research at Universities.

“Academics who use drones for their research are pushing back on what they call overly restrictive federal regulations.

Two associations that together represent more than 200 American universities are complaining that the Federal Aviation Administration’s confusing policies on commercial drones are harmful to academic research.”