Day 2 of Physics: Inertia

Before a recap on today’s class, I have to mention a link for Ms. Glenn’s brother. Ms Glenn went on the Vomit Comet ride with me last summer and she decided to make some cool air rockets!

So today we tested inertia.  We had lots of great demonstrations.  In the format of InterLACE, either before or after each demonstration I would ask students to explain the physics.

Ms Hickman demonstrated the inertia of a cinder-block for the students and I survived.


We had a fun test with an inertia mass examining which string would break when I tugged on a mass hung from the ceiling.  The top of the bottom?

Movie of Beaker Not Wearing a Seatbelt

Beaker helped us explore the inertia of objects in motion and why it was a good idea to where a seat-belt.







We also discussed the table cloth trick and the students made a model of the table cloth trick using a cup, a coin, and a card.