First day of School

The first day back.  Most of the freshmen figured out where they were going despite the moving staircases. We learned how to use InterLACE today in class.  The students built creations out of LEGOS to represent themselves.  This is a model called LEGO Serious Play.  In case you are concerned about your enlightened student wasting their time playing with toys, LEGO Serious play is used as professional development for corporations.  I also questioned the students as to what they thought about the Scientific Method and Galileo, two topics which are full of misconceptions.

A note to parents.  A hardcopy of the IRB and Tufts Photo-waiver went home.  They are also available on First Class.  Here are links so you can download.

InterLACE IRB 2011 – ParentStudent Form


The lab fee is $12.00.  This is $10.50 for the Web Assign accounts, and $1.50 for the lab notebook.  If you already bought a lab notebook, then you can just pay for the Web Assign account.

In case you want to know the homework, you can download in on the PY page.