Welcome Back

The first day of a new school year.  Today was student orientation and I am now sure that the students know which way is up.   My LEGO EV3 Mindstorm book has finally entered production, the robotics mentors are returning, and planning for the fall AAPT meeting is fully underway!

The new FIRST Lego League Game was released yesterday, Nature’s Fury.  For the project, the kids will get to come up with a solution for the problems of Natural Disasters.  I am looking forward to the presentations of the projects here at Boston University Academy on December 7th.   It looks like a great game.   The game has fallen tree branches, tsunamis, cluttered runways, rescuing pets, and earthquake damage to buildings!  Having the new LEGO Ev3 will be a benefit, and if you want to learn how to use the EV3, buy my book!

In the news today.  The Washington Times claims that China is passing us in the Space Race.  Granted, the article doesn’t take into account that we are shifting a lot of our resources into fostering a burgeoning commercial space industry as opposed to only letting NASA run things.  But one must worry if we are cutting back a bit too much.

Also in the news, at the LHC they think they will now be able to detect the weak reaction between photons bouncing off of each other.