eBooks, maps and bears

In our faculty meeting yesterday, we had a guest speaker from BU Library who talked about digital resources and how students do research.  The discussion of e-books came up a bit, and quite a few opinions in the room were voices that BUA students prefer traditional paper books to e-books which just don’t cut it.  Given that my own e-book (on the EV3 LEGO Mindstorm Robots) is coming out in a couple of weeks, it raised my curiosity if my colleagues were clued in or way off base.  How do students prefer to read books now, digital or paper?  Alejandro is reading the Percy Jackson series right now, and I decided that I would read it with him so we could discuss the Greek myths.  (Tonight we  watched the 1963 version of Jason and the Argonauts, which was cool if you like that story.)    So I could read along with him, I have been reading the books on my laptop, and I must confess, I actually like it.   When I told my boys that my book would not be available in paper, they asked me how I could do a book signing.   Hmmm, how does one do a digital book signing?

My mentor sent me an interesting link to maps of the world on Twisted Sifter.  This entertained me tonight and gives a bit of insight.

Today I went caving in Polar Caves in Plymouth, NH with the family.  Polar Caves are granite caves formed glacially as boulders (one of which is about 100 feet long) were dropped over the edge of a cliff.  Nothing better for a young pair of boys.